Terms and Conditions

1.    Any agreements made with vendors are between the customer and vendor, Superior Events management act only as facilitators.

2.    Vendor Selection

2.1. Superior Events Management will provide various shortlists of vendors and quotations, based on prior experience with the vendor and requirements expressed by the customer.

2.2. The customer is responsible for vendor selection and can suggest vendors to be part of the shortlist.

2.3. Superior Events Management does not receive any payments of any kind from the vendors. Any relationship with the vendors will be disclosed at the time of presentation of the shortlists.

3.    Vendor Payments

3.1. Payments to vendors are the responsibility of the customer and are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the vendors.

3.2. Superior Events Management can act as agents that will make these payments on behalf of the customer where the customer has provided the funds for the transaction to take place.

3.3. Superior Events Management is not responsible for any impact late payments may have on the services requested, or any knock-on impact to other services.

4.    Superior Events Management Service Payments

4.1.Superior Events Management operates on a prepaid basis. Blocks of hours are paid for in advance. Once 80% of the prepaid hours have been expended, a new invoice will be issued for the next block of hours, together with a detailed list of the activities undertaken and their duration, during the prior block of hours.

4.2. Any issues with the details provided for the previous block are to be discussed prior to the new invoice being paid. Once paid these costs, in terms of hours expended, are deemed as accepted and will not be the subject of any further discussions.

4.3. Any hours not expended during the course of the event, will be refunded to the customer on acceptance of the final list of activities undertaken.

4.4. Should the event be cancelled for ANY reason, Superior Events Management are not liable for any costs and or agreements made during the engagement, and will refund any hours not expended from the last paid block, to the customer.

4.5. No work will be performed on the agreed event, once the prepaid hours are expended, until a new block of hours is paid for.

4.6. Superior Events Management is not responsible for any impact late payments for Superior Events Management’s services may have on the any aspect of the event.